Frankly…it’s Vicky!

So as this is my first blog, I thought it best to introduce myself further from the snippets already on the site. I’m a writer, not originally, I re-trained to better fit around my two daughters, hailing from a legal background, London commuter sort of person. I’ve always loved words; from Shakespeare at school to the latest excerpt in the glossy magazines, it all invites you on a journey, takes your mind away from the monotony of life for a moment before coming back with a bump to nappies, dinners, or logging on to your computer at 8pm when all you want to do is go to bed.

I hope you all enjoy coming on this journey with me, it won’t always make much sense as I dip and dive from writing about my latest mothering mishap, to something I saw on the news, but I hope it will be emotional, helpful and most of all…fun!

I’m not a ‘mum blogger’ per se, more of a word whittler and (ever so slightly cynical) opinion giver on all sorts of topics, anything that makes the little light bulb in my brain go ‘ping!’ I will trawl on about my children as they are what drives me to succeed, to show them that you can be anything, do anything and achieve everything you want if you try. To show them that in a world of fear, inequality and strife that the only thing that will really help them through, is a little bit of love from their mummy.


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