Becoming a mum..

To hold a tiny person in your arms, to know that by the grace of whichever God you choose to believe in has given you the opportunity to bring life into this world, is a truly amazing feeling.

Nine months….280 days…..6720 hours of feeling a wiggle, a niggle or a dig. All that discomfort and pain, sickness and worry dissipates in an instant. But for some, to create that tiny human is a soul consuming, life altering journey. For some, the most natural of things becomes a burden and overtakes your life and heart to the point of eruption. Once you overcome the conception there are many more achingly worrisome days, where every move is analysed and every feeling Googled. Then finally, the big day comes. Different for every person; some simple and straightforward, while others beg for drugs or surgery, or for someone else to do it for them! But then that little bundle of joy, the phrase itself pales in comparison to the feeling that engulfs your entire body, arrives into this world.

People talk of love at first sight, of knowing in an instant that someone is your world, well I don’t know if that’s true but when you look at your baby, you know. You know that you will give that little person your heart and soul, because that is all we can really give them, right? Money can buy stuff, time can bring adventure, but all we can really guarantee is our unconditional, unyielding love.


My Random Musings

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