Top 5 ways to change your career

I’m sure we could all do with a better work/life balance, so if your career is a little stale or your life needs a bit of a shake up, I’ve found some great ways us mums can get the career we really want (and do it from home too!) So check out my top 5 ways to change your career and get back on that horse.

#1 – Update your CV

I know it sounds simple, but when was the last time you really looked at your CV and gave it a good spring clean? There are several sites where you can design a professional looking CV for free. Try My Perfect CV or Reed for help.


  • Make sure all the information is correct (silly I know, but spelling mistakes and inconsistencies can really count against you)
  • Keep it basic
  • Make sure it is no longer than two A4 pages

Show your personality, don’t feel that a CV should be overly formal and copy a standard format. Make it funny, show your quirks and let employees see the real you. It will make you stand out from all the rest.

#2 – Consider internships or startups

There are many sites like Internwise and Work in Startups who offer opportunities in various industries and roles. They are often unpaid and only for a short duration, but it could help you get on the ladder in a change of career. Positions range from social media work, marketing, admin, photography…literally anything. Most roles require basic skills, determination and a willingness to learn, you can also do a lot of them from home or with minimal travel into an office. Don’t be put off by the idea of an internship; they are not just for nineteen year olds who know how to code and can upload to Facebook in their sleep, they really are a great platform to launch you on your next venture.

#3 – Re-training

Sites such as Digital Mums and Shaw Academy offer a whole host of courses to give you a step up on the career ladder. Some are only for 8 weeks, others for a few months and there is no pressure to find childcare and get out of the house, as it’s all done from home.

Top tip – Make sure you like the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of great course providers as they often have discounts and free trial offers.

#4 – Volunteer work

Now we are all busy women and I’m sure the idea of giving up some of that valuable time to do some volunteering may not be for everyone, but it can really help you to change your career. Hospitals, local radio stations and organisations such as Do-It offer great opportunities to add another string to your bow and pad out what could be a rather slim CV.

Top tip – There is even a section on Do-It where you can select roles to do from home.

#5 – Believe in yourself

The idea of having to change your career can be daunting; but we’ve had children, we balance tasks on a daily basis, we manage diaries and are organised beyond belief, all attributes employers look for. Even if you are choosing whether to work or not, think about the skills you already have and all the great things you can bring to a role. Don’t be put off by age or experience or knock backs, keep trying and you can find the career to make you happy and fit around your family.

Hopefully these top 5 ways to change your career has helped and inspired you not to be afraid of change. I undertook two unpaid internships in writing whilst looking after my children, balancing normal household tasks with learning, travelling to London and fitting in the endless playdates, parties and meet ups. Yes it was hard, yes everything hurt and yes I did wonder what on earth I was doing, but it gave me a wealth of experience and enough confidence to apply for jobs I never would have even considered before.

Let me know if you’ve changed your career and how you did it.




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