One of life’s little surprises!

newborn premature baby SCBU

  When you're pregnant, the things that flash through your mind mostly involve the health of the baby, or you. Will it be OK? What happens after it's born? When will this blasted heartburn go away? But rarely (for most) does the question of the baby being born prematurely occur. I had never heard of … Continue reading One of life’s little surprises!


Top 5 ways to change your career

I’m sure we could all do with a better work/life balance, so if your career is a little stale or your life needs a bit of a shake up, I’ve found some great ways us mums can get the career we really want (and do it from home too!) So check out my top 5 … Continue reading Top 5 ways to change your career

To work or not to work?

We get up, we put on our clothes and we go to work by whichever method is the most soul destroying, right? Every day is the same, we do our work with as much vigour as we can muster, coming home to the comforts we have surrounded ourselves in, but then we have a baby … Continue reading To work or not to work?

Becoming a mum..

To hold a tiny person in your arms, to know that by the grace of whichever God you choose to believe in has given you the opportunity to bring life into this world, is a truly amazing feeling. Nine months….280 days…..6720 hours of feeling a wiggle, a niggle or a dig. All that discomfort and … Continue reading Becoming a mum..